Legenda em Inglês

4  Episode


- tasty and healthy food goes well with a peaceful life and

authentic and sincere music -

In the episode Health and Wellness we have two proven healthy recipes. Chefs will explain the health benefits of their ingredients and of how they are prepared. A vegan recipe and one with pork protein are equally light and beneficial. The singers and songwriters paired with the chefs make a set list that "talks" to the recipes and to food stories. The pairs´ harmony is striking and touching.



3  Episode


- it´s possible to have a haute cuisine dinner at home and this episode shows how –

The Sophisticated and Accessible episode will have two recipes with the attributes of haute cuisine, with sophisticated harmony and final touches using only common instruments found in everybody’s homes and low-cost ingredients. Guest musicians will add their own rhythm to the episode by harmonizing the set list with the theme and the recipes. The sea and the ocean are present in the songs of this episode, making a beautiful and accessible trip, simple for everyone.



2  Episode


- a contemporary trend of social and environmental responsibility in recipes and, poetically, in music –

In the episode Zero Waste, the chefs make two recipes using whole ingredients. Without giving up gastronomic flavors and techniques, these masters show that enjoying everything is also chic. The invited singers harmonize the songs with the recipes and the recipes´ stories. Surprisingly, by recycling old songs, they fulfill the same elegant responsibility.



1  Episode


- the culture of people, ethnicities, regions and places as a

cultural influence on recipes and music –

The episode Regionality tells the story of two recipes that come from traditions of natives, immigrants who populated and created the local Brazilian culture through recipes, ingredients and stories. The musical harmonization displays a mix of rhythms and harmonies that add spice to the artistic tradition of the same region.